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Our story



Glad to see you on here! My name is Himanshu and this is my wife Milana. I am from Mumbai and Milana is from Bangalore. We both came to United States to pursue higher education in August 2008 and we have been together since.

When we would meet at the university campus, Milana would always bring home cooked meals in her lunch box and a south Indian filter coffee. I tried it and I remember, this was the first coffee that made me go, "oh okay, this is special!" and coming from someone born and raised in Mumbai, it's kind of a big deal because we only drink chai or just "Cutting" as the locals call it ❤️.

Milana would always offer coffee to her friends and slowly word started spreading about this special Indian coffee. Our friends liked it so much they wanted to know where they can buy this coffee. That's when we found out that the coffee came from Milana's family farm in Chikkamagaluru! Milana became overnight coffee celebrity on campus that day! We started calling her "Coffee Baroness" 😂.

Here's Milana harvesting Coffee cherries.

 Coffee was integral part of school life. We made friends over coffee. It was there when we fell in love and it witnessed the fights too. Coffee was pre-game and it was also the hangover cure. Late night submissions or lazy weekends on couch, everything was just better with coffee. We loved our coffee!

Because I was the "special friend" at the time, I also got to see the family farm.

Here's Mr Satya Narayan. The coffee estate manager. He's been taking care of the estate since he was 15 years old!

This is Milana's mother drying the coffee cherry on the farm.

And Milana's father spreading the dry coffee cherries

Fast forward to 2014, we are now married and enjoying adulting together. San Francisco is now "home".

We have jobs now! Caffeine is now directly proportional to the productivity at work and quality is paramount. Co-workers fell in love with our coffee too and wanted to get some beans for themselves. So we ship our coffee from the family farm. A large 50 lbs bag of ground coffee every year! We realized that we don't get a good specialty Indian origin Coffee in the US. We decided to change that. I think that's when Le Mil's Coffee was born.


 In 2022, We spent a lot of time on the family coffee farm. We visited local farmers, coffee suppliers, roasters and almost everyone involved in the business. After almost a year of work, we have established a supply chain that sources AAA grade Coffee beans directly from the farmers so we can get the best quality beans to you and the farmers get paid the best price for their crop.


We consider ourselves lucky that we have this opportunity to introduce an Indian origin specialty coffee to you and your family. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Himanshu & Milana